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  Employee Background Check - Bangor, ME
 ID#: 259369   Date posted: August 10, 2016;   Expire date: November 23, 2019;             108 visits             Flag as Spam
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Strategic Information Resource  
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 We provide access to hundreds of information sources that are designed to help you make informed business decisions. Our data is compiled from real-time sources that include credit reports, court records, consumer data, real-estate/property information and government records. No matter what service you choose, SIR will help you minimize liability and risk. But we don't just stop there. We've worked hard to build a user-friendly platform for accessing our services. We deliver one-click access to related services that speed up your processing time and reduce expenses. Would it help your business if you could request a flood certification, appraisal, and title search at the same time that you credit approve a loan? Would you hire better employees if you tested their skills and knowledge at the same time you checked for a criminal history and drug use? At SIR we make this kind of efficiency and results real.
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(800) 332-9479  
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