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  Wear That New Women's Sweater To The Party
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 We know that during the days of the Roman Empire that Rome was famous for its parties. One Roman party lasted over one hundred days.

Apparently, this drunken orgy consisted of gladiators fighting, Roman actors performing plays and animals were sacrificed. This debauchery took place in Rome's new Colosseum. And, to finish off the event, the Colosseum was filled with water, battleships were constructed inside and two naval battles were fought. Known as "Naumachia," the armies in these two battles fought to the death. Talk about a party.

The Wari people of South America, about a thousand years ago, threw a drunken party then vanished off the face of the earth. Researchers have discovered that the Wari built a massive brewery, one big enough to produce over one thousand liters of booze a day. When the party was over, they torched the brewery and walked into oblivion. Alexander the Great in a drunken stupor, along with his army destroyed the city of Persepolis. Alexander and his drunken men, after marching a long way to conquer Persepolis, put a torch to it and burned the city to the ground.

So, we can see from history that some ancient parties had dire consequences. Today, the party goer is more civilized, more refined and parties responsibly. Yes, there are people who drink too much and cause trouble, but, they don't burn cities down.

Now the fashionable young lady who wants to attend party in style need look no further than Once on the website, she can look for Women's Sweaters(, off shoulder tops, and the ever fashionable off the shoulder sweater. She can browse the website for the best fashion trends found anywhere on the internet. So, if the off shoulder sweater is not her cup of tea for the upcoming party, there other styles to choose from. There are long sleeved sweatshirts, blouses, even really cool looking dresses. The list is endless at and the pricing is one of the lowest on the internet. Whether it is that women's sweater, the Off Shoulder( look, or the off the shoulder sweater or whatever style one chooses is the place to go.
Shop well, shop wise, shop ZNU.  
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