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  Highly effective ways to gain leads and prospects
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 Gaining leads and increasing sponsors and sales is the way to grow any business and an MLM is no exception to that. However, increasing the rate of conversions is a challenge that many people face. So, how does one tackle it?
For the survival of any business, it is growth in sales and partners that actually help the company to grow. Most organizations figure out of ways to build a system that is able to bring sales without a large effort on their part. Sales and marketing teams that are trained in building a robust network for advertising and other marketing techniques only require commitment in terms of money. However, a network marketing business needs people to grow. It needs to sign up more distributors and sponsors to increase its sales.
The biggest quandry for most sponsors who are new in the industry is how to get people to attend your meetings. So, how can you really find people who are interested in your business and how do you convince them to sign up and become a sponsor? Well, here’s the secret… there is NO royal pathway to success!
Yes, there is no set formula for a person to get someone’s attention. One simply needs to be smart enough to do that. However, since all people are different, getting their attention may require different skills. But the key is to keep at it.
The most effective way to scout for people interested in your Binary MLM Business Plan is at trade shows and events. People attending these events are looking for great ideas and businesses to invest in. So, they are most amenable as they have an open mind. Reaching out to the right audience is the best way to ensure that you have a warm lead who is more likely to convert into a sales or a sponsor.
Most multi level marketing business plans are very complex. It is difficult to comprehend what a binary income calculator is showing and how one is actually benefiting and earning from it. A person who you cold called may not be as easy to convert as the one you meet at a trade show simply because of the mindset.
The next challenge you could face is how to gently ease someone you know into explaining the concept of an MLM? The answer is, you don’t! When you get someone’s reference from your friends, family or colleagues, do not go all guns blazing about your brilliant binary MLM calculator that made you rich. Follow this simple 4 step formula called FORM –
F – Family chit chat – as you know this person, start by enquiring about his or her family, kids and other small things that are in common between the both of you. This is the best ice breaker as who doesn’t like talking about their family?

O – Occupation – Now you are gently easing into a place that is sensitive. People are sensitive about their workplace even if they hate it a lot, so even though you are offering a life changing opportunity, never demean or berate anything. Your conversation must always be positive. By gently touching the subject, you are closing in on what you do and how you have great ideas to change their lives.

R – Recreation – Talking about recreation softens your approach to the final message. Once you get your prospect in an appropriate mindset by discussing what he or she enjoys, you are building a positive mindset which will be more receptive to your message.

M – Message – Delivering your message at the end of the conversation lets you control the last thing that you want your propsect to think about. By discussing it briefly in the end, you haven’t over sold your MLM Income Plan , but you have made your point well enough to get him or her intrigued to call you back.
The next time one hosts an event or a conference, it will be easy to convince such prospects to drop in for some time and have a look at what your business is all about. However, it is important to manage the invites tactfully.
It is always advisable to invite a person about 48 hours in advance. Giving him a long notice may actually backfire sometimes. You can’t do much if someone has plans, but by asking that person about their plans day after tomorrow and inviting them, it is difficult to wiggle out of it. One will definitely get more positively inclined visitors here. Also, calling them up a few hours before the event to confirm their attendance also helps firm up their resolve to attend.
Also, asking participants to send an RSVP and confirm their attendance helps you to get valuable contact details. One can very easily ask people for these stating that they will be given limited edition training material for themselves.
Selecting a vendor is a difficult and a tedious task and choosing an MLM software is no different. A company with a phenomenal track record in this regard is DNB MLM Softwares. DNB has been offering customized MLM software solutions to companies globally for over 7 years. Their success can be attributed to their focus on customizing their solutions based on the client’s unique needs. Their core competency has always been their solid performance in inventory, distributor network and downline management, appropriate reporting of sales, payouts, incentives, commissions and other minor details which have a huge impact on the bottomline of an MLM company.
Although we have given a lot of pointers for getting more leads and more conversions, these are not set golden rules that will ensure your success. Since every place and every human being is different, you need to try out different approaches until you figure out what really works for you.
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