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  Why is attraction marketing good for your MLM busi
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 Attraction marketing is well planned personal branding that saves you from cold calling, is easy to create/ market/ track, saves time and gives you the highest return on investment, for your marketing monies.
A lot of online blogs, experts and professionals talk about using attraction marketing to grow your MLM business network and sales by having a greater emphasis on attraction marketing. For a lot of people this is a new term that seems to be coined by the tech savvy Generation Next, but actually it’s not!
Attraction marketing is all about having a well defined strategy for your own personal branding. It has been in existence since the early 1900s, where individuals with specific interests would be welcomed to write as newspaper columnists on the topic they excel in. Today it has gone online in a big way with people blogging continuously, uploading videos, making regular social media posts and helped them gather a huge following which is hooked to every word of these self appointed experts.
The challenge is to keep giving your target group relevant information in a way that will slowly convince them to join your MLM network. Given below are some advantages of attraction marketing for your MLM business:
Easy to create, market and track
While using normal marketing channels, the cost of creating and marketing an advertisement or any creative for an advertising campaign is prohibitively high. This is not so with attraction marketing where your only expense is of hosting and running your personal website. The only other expense is if you choose to digitally market it, but if your blog/ video content is relevant, a few months are all you need to get loyal readers. All you need to do is keep reading about the various methods bloggers and digital marketers use to increase traffic to their personal sites.
Another advantage of attraction marketing is that you can easily track your performance. Your website will share all the statistics of everything that users do on your page. The same is applicable for social media. This lets you analyze the performance of attraction marketing on various channels that you have marketed on. It is easy to alter your strategy without spending too much time, money and effort, with the highest return on investment (ROI).
Ends cold calling
With attraction marketing people are coming to you rather than you going to people for prospecting. The people who read your blogs and posts are already interested in your products network and hence you have already won half the battle. The leads that you get are sharper and highly relevant, thus saving you the time that you would spend on cold calling people who you know nothing about and would probably have zero interest in an MLM.
With the advent of technology, social media websites are able to easily target the users who clicked on your webpage with relevant ads. Your webpage lets you sell eBooks, newsletters and other useful materials for which the users may have to pay a small a  
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