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  5 network marketing tools every MLM business shoul
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 Tools are required in every type of business. It is important in network marketing too. If you are looking to create a successful network business, you need to have your own tools that will enable you to work smart, while leveraging your effort and time. The tools are crucial whether you are building your business offline or online. Here are some of the important business tools.

1. Keyword generation tool

An important way marketers advertise their business is by placing PPC ads on the major search engines such as Yahoo and Google. To find keywords that have a low cost per click charge and receive plenty of searches, you will require a keyword generation tool. There are several keyword generation tools available online; these are an excellent way to find good keywords.

2. Online presence

Blogging is a good way to get the word around about your business. It is helpful to draw targeted traffic to your business. Writing content about network marketing and posting the same in your blog and other article directories is a good way of getting plenty of traffic to your business.
Social media is great for network marketing. However, pasting the links of your
company everywhere will only make people run away from you. It is a great tool only if used well to its best. Facebook groups is also one of the best known network marketing tools. It can help greatly to enhance the growth of sales. In fact, many marketers report a jump of as much as 30% in enrollments and sales just from advertising in facebook groups.
Experts can’t stress enough on the importance of Youtube and the many advantages it offers in network marketing. It is the greatest free resource available to get yourself seen and heard across the world. If used the right way, it can help create awareness about your business to people who are looking for what you have to offer. Youtube helps save a lot of time. You can do one video today and it will continue to be seen for years without requiring you to be present there. Webinars too are an excellent way to leverage the way you do your business. You can have a huge impact on people when you do your presentation via webinars.
Have a search engine optimized website that is designed to rank high in the search results is also a great tool for a serious marketer. When you have an updated website in place, you will never run out of traffic.

3. Ad tracking software

Your work as a network marketer is to get good traffic at the least cost. If you are not keeping a track on your ads, you wouldn’t know which advertising is getting you the money and which one is not working. When you track your marketing, you can keep a tab on your advertising efforts and this can help you greatly in business promotion.

4. Aweber

When you are looking to build your business online, you need a way to track how your target audience is interacting with you, what they are searching for and how to follow up on them. Aweber is a great way to manage your business connection with y  
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